Soft Stake your Sunflowers and get Tokens of Gratitude

$GRATIS are tokens earned from staking sunflowers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT staking?

NFT staking refers to locking up non-fungible tokens on a platform or protocol in exchange for rewards and other benefits. Staking the Gratitude Gang NFTs allows holders to earn Tokens of Gratitude ($GRATIS) while maintaining ownership.

What are Tokens of Gratitude ($GRATIS)?

$GRATIS is an earnable and tradeable token primarily used to avail items on the Gifts of Gratitude page. You earn $GRATIS by staking your Gratitude Gang NFTs. Once earned, you can transfer the tokens to any wallets at your own discretion.

What are Gifts of Gratitude?

Gifts of Gratitude is a crypto store front where digital items will be listed for sale. This store accepts Ethers and $GRATIS.

How is Soft Staking Different From Hard Staking?

With hard staking you will need to temporarily need to transfer your NFT to a smart contract. And soft staking you don't. Hard staking will still be available and you earn more with hard staking vs soft staking.

How do I soft stake my sunflowers?

  1. Go to the soft staking page at and connect you wallet. It will take a few minutes to load up your NFTs.
  2. Next choose any of the Gratitude Gang NFTs you want to soft stake and press the "Stake" button. Please confirm 2 wallet interactions.
  3. The first interaction will ask permission to stake your NFT using the GratitudeGang contract. Please wait for 6 confirmations.
  4. The second interaction will actually stake your NFT using the FlowerPower contract. Please wait for 2 confirmations.

Can I soft stake more than one sunflower?

Yes you can. There is no limit.

How much $GRATIS do I earn per staked sunflower?

0.00006 $GRATIS per second or 5.18 $GRATIS per day.

How long can I soft stake my sunflower/s?

As long as you would like.

Is there a cap on $GRATIS?

No there is not, however $GRATIS used to purchase items at the store will be burned.

Can I still list my soft staked sunflower on OpenSea?

Yes you can!

What happens to my $GRATIS when I sell my NFT that is still being soft staked?

The new owner will be able to redeem the $GRATIS that NFT is soft staking for.

Can I see all the contracts?

You sure can.

Where can I see the Gifts of Gratitude on OpenSea?